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Ken McCorry Urban Scenery

Urban Scenery

Ken McCorry Barn

Ken McCorry’s Train Barn

While I was laid up with an injury, I happened to come across an internet site for Model Railroad Open Houses in DE, MD, PA, NJ. I was really amazed at the number of layouts that were open to the public for viewing in October and November, 138 according to the website. The site is very well organized by date, owner name and address , times layouts are open and scale.  One of the names on the list caught my eye, Mr. Ken McCorry, as I had read about his very large Pennsylvania RR layout several times in the model railroad magazines and it was one of the featured layouts in Tony Koester’s book “Designing &Building Multideck Model Railroads” published by Kalmbach. While the layout was not traction related, I was interested in seeing how a multideck layout looks in person as I have considered this approach for my own layout. Ken’s layout also features some tremendous structures, a good deal of them urban, a favorite of mine and it also gave me the opportunity to see his custom 2 story barn built to house his model empire (I can always dream!)


I planned a trip to Downingtown Pa.,an idellic town about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, not far from the famous Amish country of Pennsylvania,for a Sunday afternoon in November. In addition to Ken’s railroad, the traction layout of Bob Dietrich of the East Penn Traction Club and the Western Maryland layout of Paul Backenstose were in the area and open for viewing. After bribing the Mrs. with the promise of one of those great home cooked Amish dinners (the only way I can get her to look at model trains),  we arrived at Ken’s picturesque farm and his 2 story “barn”.  The ground floor contains 3 garage bays with workshops and a large crew lounge and a staircase up to the second floor that houses the layout. I was not prepared for what we were about to see, but as I stared in disbelief, I saw the Mrs.’ jaw drop. That says it all.

Ken McCorry Steel Plant

Ken McCorry’s Giant Oxygen Furnace


Over the years I have visited some of the best known model railroads including The Model Railroad Club in Union, NJ, the New York Society of Model Engineers, and the famous NEB&W at RPI and I can honestly say that Ken’s layout brings model railroading to a completely new level. The combination of size, scenery, setting and scope of the layout is beyond impressive. We arrived at the beginning of the open house and met the gracious host who had several of his operating crew running trains via wireless throttles, walking with their consists. There were not many visitors yet , so we were able to get great up close views of  all there was to see and even as more people came in, the carpeted room was able to accommodate them easily.



The layout must be 95 % finished as I only saw one or 2 areas where projects were being worked on, the rest being fully finished with tree covered mountains, ballasted track, functioning signals and some really huge structures- the steel mill looked like it was full size. One of my favorites was the electrical substation serving the mill- it would look great on a traction layout. The multi-deck concept is on full display here, some areas having 4 decks and the amount of mainline run that this allows is phenomenal. It seems like the entire PRR Buffalo line is represented without using selective compression.


The problem with such overwhelming layouts is that the visiting time seems to pass very quickly and we wanted to attend some of the other open houses that were relatively close by. Reluctantly, we left to see the layout of Bob Dietrich, which was listed in the open house list as a traction layout.

Bob Dietrich's Traction Layout

Bob Dietrich’s Traction Layout


As we entered the basement layout room, I immediately recognized one of the modules that I had photographed at the New York City Model Transit show several years ago. Bob’s layout consists of several of these traction modules connected to each other and in turn to benchwork attached to the basement walls. Bob is active in the East Penn Traction Club and if you go to their website, you can see a number of his trolley modeling articles. They are well worth reading because his cars run flawlessly; in the time we were there, I did not see one derailment. While the scenery is outstanding, the buildings on the layout really shine. The back leg of the layout contains a narrow gauge line that serves several warehouses and they are extremely well done.

Bob Dietrich LayoutBob Dietrich LayoutBob Dietrich Layoutdsc_0795DSC_0814DSC_0806

Time was of the essence so we ran over to the Western Maryland layout of Paul Backenstose. This is more of a traditional mainline model railroad with excellent scenery. What I found really exceptional is the design of the layout. There are 2 horseshoe shaped areas on the layout which you are able to walk into and you immediately notice that you are surrounded on 3 sides by scenery and with the sound equipped trains and mountain greenery, you really feel that you are a part of the scene. Again, another great idea for the layout.

Paul Backenstose's Western Maryland

Paul Backenstose’s Western Maryland

Sadly, the afternoon went by too quickly and we headed to the Amish country on Route 30 for dinner. We discussed what a nice day we had and how our hosts were so gracious to open their layouts to the public. Go to to find out where and when this year’s open houses will be when the site publishes the list at the end of the summer. You won’t be disappointed.

Mail Pouch BarnPaul Backenstose WM Coal MinePaul Backenstose WM

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I finally made it to the Model Transit Convention on Saturday Oct 22 after fighting my way through the traffic but I was too late to attend any of the clinics that were held there. In spite of that, I have to say that this was one of the best shows I have attended in quite some time and was well worth the effort to get there (even though I didn’t win any door prizes). I was surprised at the large number of vendors who were in attendance that day and the variety of merchandise for sale was tremendous. There were all kinds of traction and rapid transit books available from multiple dealers and if you were looking for a certain photograph or slide to add to your collection, this was the place to find it.

Great Show Vendors

Great Show Vendors

El Layout

El Layout

There were several dealers who were selling memorabilia that would make a great addition to any train room and the selection seemed very good. I was looking for some trucks for my HO IRT subway cars and Mike Masino came through as usual. Every time I meet him at a show he always seems to have what I am looking for and this time was no different. He had a bunch of the trucks in cast metal and the price was right. I also picked up a nice steeple cab kit that was priced to sell. Thanks Mike! I can finally finish up the fleet.

The model contest featured some fine traction examples in several different scales including a nice Third Avenue trolley with an interior and passengers. My personal favorite however was the only entry in the structure category, the O scale movie theater built by Mr. Nate Gersten. I have to say that this was one of the nicest structures I have ever seen (and I have built my share of buildings) and even had the subway kiosk on the sidewalk. O scale rolling stock has a good deal of heft but the buildings, especially large city-types, are really impressive.

Nate Gersten & Movie Theater

Nate Gersten & Movie Theater

Third Avenue Trolley

Third Avenue Trolley

At the other end of the spectrum, the fellows from the East Penn Club ( were there with not only some HO modules but with an N scale traction module that really caught my eye. I did a fast double take as I immediately recognized it as a model of the Ocean Parkway trolley underpass on the Church Avenue line that was in Brooklyn. It was very well done and the fact that the N scale PCC car ran so smoothly was really a treat to see. Bravo to a very nice bunch of guys!

Ocean Pkwy Underpass

Ocean Pkwy Underpass

East Penn HO Module

East Penn HO Module

The New York City Model Transit Association did a really great job of sponsoring this show and the proceeds of the show were to be donated to The Shore Line ( Branford)  Trolley Museum in East Haven CT ( so all around this was a very good day to be a traction fan. Hope to make another trip next year!


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Al Westerfield's "El"

Al Westerfield’s “El”

Subway/Trolley Layout

Subway/Trolley Layout

Model Contest Entry

Model Contest Entry

Hello again everyone- I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming show that is an annual event sponsored by the New York City Model Transit Association at Rutgers University on Oct.22, 2011. This is a show that is devoted to the mass transit and trolley modelers out there. You will find all kinds of traction goodies at the show from trolley cars to subway cars in all scales and sizes. I have found parts there when I have attended in the past that I had been looking for for some time. In addition there are vendors offering photos, publications and railrodianna relating to transit. Several years ago I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Al Westerfield at this show who is constructing an HO Elevated system based on the Bronx IRT and it looked spectacular- custom made from his own masters and resin castings. There are usually several layouts on display in all the different scales and a model contest that is open to anyone. The nicest part of the affair is that the proceeds from the show go to support the Shore Line Trolley Museum in Connecticut. The admission to the show is $20.00 and the wife and kids are free! For complete information, times and directions go to Have a great time and hope to see you there-Transit Bill

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Until several years ago, anyone wanting to build up a fleet of New York subway rolling stock really had their work cut out for them. There were some old white metal kits, some resin or epoxy semi-finished models and the always hard to find and super expensive brass imports. One company came out with injection molded kits for IRT subway cars which built up into very nice models but you still had to figure out how to power them. Then LifeLike produced their model of the IRT R-17 car, ready to run as both powered and non-powered units. While these units really made it very easy to get a transit layout running in no time, there are some problems with them that a few modelers may not like.
Red Subway Car

LifeLike R-17 Redbird

The first several runs of the cars came without the signature spotting feature, the end safety gates. Subsequent runs that were released after Walthers acquired the LifeLike line did include this feature, but as told to me by the Walthers representative, the end gates are not available as a separate part to retrofit the cars. You can purchase the end gates as separate parts from several companies. IHP has photo-etched brass gates that are very reasonably priced. Image Replicas has an injection molded set that is listed on their website but while it may seem a little pricey it does 3 cars. Years ago Model Traction Supply sold white metal end gates for their R-1 and BMT Standard models; you see them at swap meets from time to time.

The main problem with the R-17 models however, are the dimensions. These cars represent the rolling stock of the IRT division which was built with narrower clearances than the BMT division. While IRT cars can run through the BMT, the opposite is not true. The width of the model is a scale 9 feet 6 inches instead of 8 feet 9 inches and the height of the car from the top of the rail to the bottom of the doors is 4 feet 9 inches, a full scale foot greater than the prototype. While the greater width is not readily apparent when running the cars together, it is noticeable when compared to equipment that is right to scale. From the front the cars resemble the wider BMT cars. The greater height from the rail head is noticeable and would take some major surgery to correct.
LifeLike R21 Car

LifeLike R21 Car

Now for the good news- these models have some of the finest details of any subway models produced, especially the rooftop vents and rivet detail which look terrific. The best part of all is the power mechanism- it is extremely smooth and powerful and will easily pull the 3 dummy cars on level track as well as inclines. So while there are some dimensional problems with the cars, the ability to quickly assemble a prototype consist that runs as good as it looks would seem to override any discrepancies. I don’t think you will be disappointed with these models.
See you next time when we take a look at some subway car kits.
Transit Bill

PostHeaderIcon Welcome to the Model Transit website!

Ask anyone who has grown up in New York about where the trains are and you most likely will be directed to the nearest subway or elevated station. That’s why as a native son of the Big Apple, my plans for an HO scale model railroad had to include rapid transit. Over the years I have tried to acumulate different types of New York subway equipment so that a credible effort could be made in creating such a layout, but up until the release of the Lifelike/Walthers Proto 1000 R-17 Subway cars several years ago, HO scale rolling stock was somewhat difficult to come by. The O scale folks also have it much easier today with the variety of products available, but you need much more room for a layout.

One of the nice things about adding model transit to your railroad is that depending on the era modeled you can also include such things as streetcars, buses, commuter rail, light rail, and electric traction. Since a good deal of this equipment had long service lives, a lot of the cars modeled can overlap different eras, so your modeled timeframe can be expanded. The focus of this website will be on modeling this equipment, the construction of a layout to run the equipment and the input of those who wish to participate here and have some fun. Let’s not restrict our efforts to just New York- plenty of other cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington DC have hugh transit systems, so lets hear from all you transit fans out there!

Got to go now- I think I hear the train coming and there’s 3 staircases up to the platform!       Transit Bill